Sit Table

Producent: Prooff
Kategoria: Fotele/sofy

People communicate in a variety of ways. The design for the SitTable understands this and caters to the needs of these divergent varieties. It allows for it to become a thinking place as well as a social meeting ground while creating new possibilities by mixing the limitless options of functionality.

For instance, it may become a quiet reading table found in a library or a work & relaxation place located in an airport lounge. It could simply be a waiting room in a front office or in a school. It may also act as a meeting space for exhibitions or in shops. Whichever role it decides to take on everyone is given the opportunity to discover one's own practical use for the SitTable. It is designed to serve one's own intended purpose for functionality and arrangement.

The hybrid form of the SitTable combines two pieces of multi-functional furniture offering a great variety of space-creating authority to its users. It introduces a fresh approach to the discipline of spatial organization.

The SitTable is produced by Arco Contemporary Furniture.

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