Producent: Enea
Kategoria: Stoły

Multilayer cover based on paints and transparent powder lacquers (Epoxy-Polyester) of 180-220µ with electrostatic application and polymerised in a furnace at 200ºC.

12-mm-thick HGS E-1 phenolic top with 0.9 mm high pressure stratified laminate in 6 standard colours, SEI surface finish and technical characteristics according to the EN 438/2.

19-mm-thick fibreboard, E-1 quality, covered in melamine which is highly resistant to abrasion, damp, chemical substances and scratching, according to UNE-EN 124, 322, 324 and 53433.
6 standard finishes.

8 mm-thick glazed glass in a gloss finish, tempered to ensure resistance and safety during its use and in 6 standard colours according to the UNE-EN 572-2 and UNE-EN 12150-2.