Producent: Figueras
Kategoria: Audytoria
  • Seat designed for installation at convention centres or corporate rooms, always in VIP environments
  • Dimensions: ample individual chair with 93 cm of outer width and a between-rows of 180 cm.
  • Ergonomics: capability of regulating the backrest and footrest position by an electrical system with touch control situated on the armrest of the chair
  • It incorporates a generously-sized GPL is located on the side of the seat and is fully integrated into it. Its activation is performed either manually or through an electric motor
  • Maintenance: when the seat is not in use, the back and foot rests automatically return to their starting position. In this way, the room is always tidy
  • It can incorporate communication, translation, voting and data or image transfer systems in accordance with the project requirements
  • Reaction to fire: it complies with international standards