Producent: Figueras
Kategoria: Audytoria
  • The 6061 Microflex chair is the most compact one in the Flex series, which allows maximum optimization of space. When folded, it takes up just 24 cm.
  • Automatic folding seat and backrest in a single, joint movement. The seat and backrest are almost joined together making the room look very tidy
  • Distance between axles: 55 cm.
  • Seats arranged in rows
  • Soft System: silent, cushioned seat return.
  • Ergonomic and shape-retaining.
  • It is ideal for the Figueras Mutamut, Mutasub, Mutaflex systems and Telescopic Stands
  • These features make it ideal for all types of spaces such as conference rooms, theatres, auditoriums, convention centres, educational institutions or hospitals
    Reaction to fire: this product complies with international regulations