Producent: Figueras
Kategoria: Audytoria
  • This is a modular chair with special acoustic features as it was originally designed for the Lyon Opera. This chair is suitable for any space
  • Acoustic features: designed to allow adequate acoustic absorption. Perfect for auditoriums and concert halls
  • Size: when folded it occupies 42 cm, which allows optimum use of space. Distance between axles from: from 53 cm to 56 cm
  • Soft System: automatic, silent, cushioned seat return
  • Integral Form upholstery system: upholstery fully integrated into the foam, with no seams or stitching
  • The chair incline may be adjusted using the footrest in order to improve visibility
  • Together with the F-45 and F-1000 tables, this is the optimum solution for long working sessions or conferences in conference rooms or corporate auditoriums which also makes it the ideal chair for convention centres. If less space is available, a PLX antipanic lectern may be added to the side
    Reaction to fire: this product complies with international regulations