Flex F1000

Producent: Figueras
Kategoria: Audytoria
  • Large seat (56 cm base) which is very compact due to armrest movement
  • Maximum room optimization: It does not exceed a depth of 36 cm.
  • Ergonomics: The seating and back cushions are carefully designed with metallic side legs.
  • Ergonomic and shape-retaining seat.
  • Synchronized movement of seat and armrests. When in use, the two wings act as fixed armrests.
  • Soft System: silent, cushioned seat return.
  • It is ideal for the Figueras Mutamut, Mutasub y Mutaflex systems.
  • Together with the F-45 and F-1000 tables, this is the optimum solution for long working sessions or conferences in conference rooms or corporate auditoriums
    Reaction to fire: this product complies with international regulations