Producent: Prooff
Kategoria: Akustyka

Where does one go in the middle of a busy public space to answer a phone call? Where does one go when looking for a place to enjoy a moment of silence, a place where one can make careful notes, important telephone calls, or simply reflect on and review one's thoughts?

The idea for the PhoneBox is the result of careful observations made in public space as well as examining the different ways that it can be used. 'Public & private' is the idea in which the PhoneBox offers a quiet space to settle amidst the 'busying' situations of public space. It literally opens up a new space within an already existing one. The unique design of the compact enclosure creates a muffling effect from the outside noise allowing the user not to be disturbed — an oasis of peace and quiet, a place where the feeling of comfort and the beauty of design can both adapt appropriately to all different kinds of public space.